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April 2010



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Apr. 1st, 2010

Kettle Sigil Discordia


Where have I been?

Well, busy is the answer I suppose. First there was the wedding which more or less robbed a lot of my time. Though it was fantastic and I remain quite confident that on for one day a field in Devon contained the tightest ever concentration of fabulous human beings. I shall not go into detail as I am overwhelmed with tiredness, in a funny way this is because of the wedding too. Or rather, the honeymoon.


Here's my favourite wedding picture.

And although we planned after the wedding to have a year of relaxing and doing nothing it turned out not to be. I haven't been back to LJ as I've been looking after Lindy and moving in together. Not because she was ill but because she was well, growing my son, Rook Rufus Algernon Arthur who was born on Saturday.

In between that I've been being ill, book reviewing and writing. In fact, what I'm on with writing at the moment is a bit of a surprise really. Every time I go back to it I start to wonder whether someone is sneaking in and writing it for me. I've even organised myself (well, relatively...) so I can just write rather than endlessly re-reading and doing the dithering I find myself in.

No time for dithering now. :)

Everything is good. Though we are tired we are also enormously happy.

More LJ nonsense to come I imagine.

Feb. 18th, 2009

Kettle Sigil Discordia


Horizon: Can We Make A Star on Earth? is one of those brilliant, fascinating programmes on science that the BBC does so well. Even if it does have a slightly worrying title. (Clearly a star would be just as unfortunate as the black holes Cern are trying to destroy us with. Maybe the evil scientists have taken over?)

Anyway. That's not my point. The point is, the presenter. I really like him. He's informative and intelligent and most of all enthusiastic. You do, however, have to get over the fact that Mark Owen from 'Take That!' is teaching you science.

Shine on you crazy Mancastrians.

(EDIT) Quote - 'mr thingy is someone I wanted interview as he takes all the emotion out of the energy debate. He just speaks in raw facts. And his office is in a control tower on a disused airforce base which is just cool.'

Feb. 13th, 2009

Kettle Sigil Discordia


I will be the third person in England - ever - to receive an Infliximab infusion at home.

Always the Bridesmaid, eh?

The new stereo thing is wonderful. Not only does it look beautiful at night, like molten metal is running above the amp, it sounds lovely. It's a bit like hearing some of my records again, I've noticed loads of sounds that were never audible before. I am astounded. I shouldn't be, really it was inevitable that my love of 'things with flashing lights on that look a bit old fashioned' would one day coincide with something that was actually good at doing it's job.

Also, it has a remote control.

I've always wanted a stereo with a remote control.

Feb. 9th, 2009

Kettle Sigil Discordia

Good Stuff.

Stephen Fry is doing a radio programme about the use of English. Missed part one but part two on Quotations is on the Iplayer.

It's not only interesting but he introduces it in almost exactly the same intonation he used for 'The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy.'
Kettle Sigil Discordia

Just because it exists.

Cheese Washers Lung.

(I was searching for possible hallucinogenic side effects of cheese. Of course.)
Kettle Sigil Discordia

So you don't have to....

Crisp Odyssey (Part II).[1]

A) Chilli and Chocolate.

These tasted like Bakolite. I know that you probably don't eat Bakolite as a rule but it tasted to me of Bakolite[2]. You do get hints of dark chocolate and chilli heat but it's swiftly overrun by plastics. Of course, should you like this one and it gets voted out then you'll be okay. You can just find an old plug to gnaw on.

B) Builders Breakfast.

If the builder lives in California and pops down to his local Organic Cafe for a a breakfast involving an egg-white omelette. Then this is spot on.

C) Cajun Squirrel.

Curiously inoffensive. In fact, quite dull. I can't actually remember what they tasted like. Underwhelming. I'm gutted.

D) Crispy Duck and Hoisin.

Almost pleasant. Very nearly there. You know that taste you get when you get a crisp with a green bit in it? They have an undertone of that (Lindy Identified it as 'Spring Onion, maybe'.) But the Hoisinny bit was nice until the takeover of green-taste. Potentially too rich a flavour.


Well. They're all vile.

[1] I've used Roman Numerals here as I know it makes things seem far more important than they really are. I need all the help I can get.
[2] No I haven't. But I do know. Have faith.
Kettle Sigil Discordia

Nothing post.

I have nothing to post.

And I missed the man bringing me my 'Noise-Exacerbating-Pertinant-Transportable-Music-Connector and glowotron," by twenty minutes.

This is because I was doing 'car things.' I won't tell you what they were as if I don't you'll imagine it was something useful. Just presume it was and trot on. The sky is looking quite snowy[1].

I hope all my Aussie chums are okay.

Lastly. Click me, Foxy76.

[1] if Snowpocalypse comes and I am found starved to death in my house I would like this to be on my grave[2]. And this footnote so I can claim Prophetic powers. Not that last bit obviously. That would remove the mystery.
[2] Though I have a lot of Pickled onion space raiders so hopefully they would see me through.

Feb. 6th, 2009

Kettle Sigil Discordia


I cannot find the long one of these - on my keyboard. the one for splitting up bits of sentence rather than the one for connecting words. Stupid keyboard.

Give up your secrets to me.

Oh and the point I meant to make. Can anyone think of a saying or proverb that means something along the lines of 'let in a little bit of bad and a lot more will follow'? It needs to be quite short. Less than five words if possible.

Could be a quote from a poem even.
Kettle Sigil Discordia


One of these is coming to my house.

I found it very cheap ex-display. Just looking at it will make me ridiculously happy. And to be honest, I'm not really eating much at the moment anyway so I can afford it.

Feb. 5th, 2009

Kettle Sigil Discordia


For some reason I think pete23, moral_vacuum, childeric and naturalbornkaos will like this.

It's ace.

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